Electricity Panel Installs and Upgrades

Hire a San Diego Electrician to install or upgrade your electric panels and subpanels

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of an electrical panel. This component houses the home’s electrical system, including wiring and, fuses and/or circuit breakers. Unfortunately, the electrical panel, is designed to only offer a service life between 20 and 30 years. The structure itself is guaranteed to last at least 40 years.

The best and only way to avoid a complete overhaul of your electrical panel is to make repairs without delay. When this is combined with routine inspections and maintenance, it may be possible to extend the life of your electrical panel by a decade or longer.

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Get help repairing your electrical panels or electrical subpanels

Are you experiencing power surges, tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, or power outages in your home? You may need to repair or replace your panel or subpanel.

Every time your doorbell rings or you turn on a light or operate an appliance you’re using electricity that comes through your electric panel. And while electricity panels (or breaker boxes) are generally sturdy, nothing lasts forever.

As the most essential component of your electrical system, an aging or faulty panel could be an emergency waiting to happen. Breakers are designed to trip and shut off the electricity if there is a problem. But when the panel or circuit breaker is worn out, you run the risk of electricity still running through a damaged circuit. This can cause spiking, extreme heat – and in the worst-case scenario, an electrical fire.

Professional Electric services for your electricity panel and or fusebox

Your electrical panel sometimes called a fusebox might not be up to the challenge for installing new appliances. If you plan to install any big, major appliances like a new stove for an outdoor kitchen, a jacuzzi, or a washer and dryer or Install Tesla Wall Connector and you’re in an older home, then there’s a good chance you’ll need a panel upgrade.

Whether you need one of our 24-hour emergency electricians or find that you need a new panel to accommodate your growing electrical needs, Home Smart Electric is here for you to replace or upgrade your existing unit with a new UL-listed circuit breaker panel. As a licensed contractor in San Diego County, all work done by Home Smart Electric’s expert staff is guaranteed to meet local safety code standards.