EV Charging Station Installations

Commercial EV Charger Installation company near me

Home Smart Electric offers a wide range of commercial and public electric vehicle charging systems. Our Commercial EV Electricians can help you find which solutions work best for your particular EV charger installation project.

If you’re considering giving your residence, customers and visitors the option to charge their electric car, you’ll want to consider charging options, the number and location of charging stations, load calculation and drawings, permitting and inspection.

The different types of commercial EV chargers can be broken down into 3 categories.

Level 1 charger installation

The Level 1 charger is comprised of a 110 or 120 Volt AC system. Essentially, you would only need to install standard outlets that are accessible to your fleet vehicles. This option is not a good one for commercial EV operators however, as charging times can run 10 to 20 hours. This may not be a problem for private EV owners who only need to top up their EV batteries a bit on a daily basis. But it is far too much time to be practical for commercial vehicles that need to be on the road for long hours every day.

Level 2 charger installation

Level 2 charger installations, while still not perfect for commercial fleets, are much more practical and useful than Level 1 chargers. The Level 2 charging station also uses AC power, as does the Level 1 charger. But it is 240 Volts as opposed to 110 or 120 Volts. As a result you can fully recharge a spent battery in 3 ~ 5 hours rather than 10 to 20 hours as is the case with Level 1 charging. If a vehicle needs a top up this can be accomplished in just an hour or so. Also, the Level 2 charger does not require that you add in any significant way to the electrical system already in place in your building. For many companies the Level 2 AC charger may be the answer to their EV charging needs. Other companies however, will require a more robust solution.

Level 3 charger installation

Level 3 EV charging is commonly known as DCFC or Direct Current Fast Charging. With this type of charging you bypass the need to utilize the AC/DC converter in the vehicle and instead feed current directly into the battery at high voltages. Many companies with fleets of electric vehicles prefer the DCFC Level 3 commercial EV charger installation because it allows them to fully charge a depleted battery in a half hour or so. While the installation costs for this type of charger will be greater than for a Level 1 or 2 AC charging station the potential long term benefits will more than outweigh the initial costs.